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We provide fact sheets, tips and guidelines using peer-reviewed, scientifically backed knowledge and references. There is no personal opinion here - only information from evidence based research and studies. Our tagline “Safe Kids, Happy Families” embodies our goal – to improve the health, safety and education of children by providing trusted, easy-to-read, evidence-based resources to families in the ASEAN-Australia region.

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  • Maree Haley

    Maree Haley - Founder and Director

    Maree has over five years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety and in the development of safety standards, training workshops and improvement initiatives. She is passionate about health, safety and education. Maree, a mother of two children, has a Advanced Diploma in OHS and will be graduating soon with a B.Sc. (HSE) from Australia.

  • Sam Spencer

    Sam Spencer - Director

    Sam has over a decade of experience in the design and operation of complex processing plants, he provides a strong technical background to the site in relation to safe equipment design and operation. Sam, a father of two children, has a B.Eng. (Chem) (Hons) and a Master of Business and Technology from Australia.

  • Jennifer Hor

    Jennifer Hor - Advisor and Chief Panelist

    Jennifer has over thirty years experience in the provision of childbirth education, breast feeding and post natal care in Malaysia, and has also worked in the UK and Australia. She is an active panelist and speaker and also co-authored the book "Asian Parenting Today". Jennifer is a UK trained Midwife and Nurse.

  • Rob-Newman

    Rob Newman - Panelist

    Rob is the founder and CEO of the Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI). ACRI is a a nationwide support network for child restraint specialists. Rob's time is divided between training, consulting and working with communities throughout Australia. Rob is also a member of the Transport of Children with Additional Needs committee.

  • Dr Anna Padmavathy Soosai

    Dr Anna Padmavathy Soosai - Panelist

    Dr Anna is the Head of Paediatrics at Prince Court Hospital in Malaysia, is a specialist in Neonatology (newborn infants) and is active in the development of child safety and health education. Dr Anna has a MRCP (Glasgow), MBBS (India) and is a member of the Malaysian Medical Association.

8 Reasons NOT To Call Your Child’s Genitals ‘Pet’ Names

I implore parents and care-givers to use the correct anatomical terms for a child’s genitals. Mini, cupcake, fireman’s hose, buddy, doughnut, muffin, doodle, wee, butterly, flower, pee-pee, fanny, doo-dad, thingy, peanut, winky, penny-loo, tuppence, doodle, dick, rah, winky-dink, hooha, pooter, sausage, cookie, girls bits, mickey, twah-lah, front bottom, willy… As an advocate for Body Safety […]

Walking on egg shells- the reality of raising a sensory defensive child

Children receive information through their senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, movement and body position) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the brains job to sort out all of these messages and create an appropriate response to them. This is called Sensory Integration and it is the foundation for all childhood development, […]

Welcome to Rob Newman from ACRI

The team at The Safety Educator is honoured to welcome Rob Newman to our  panel of experts. Rob is the founder and CEO of the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI). Australia’s largest trainer of professional child passenger safety technicians. ACRI (established in 2005), is a nationwide training and support network to a diverse range […]

Childhood Concussion Can Have Long Term Health Impacts

Participating in team and individual sport programs can help children develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as improve their social skills and confidence. Sport is a great way to make friends, learn to wait and take turns as well as build resilience. As care givers we need to be aware of possible […]

Is Antibacterial Soap Better than Regular Soap?

Many soap companies advertise that their anti-bacterial soaps will kill 99.99% of bacteria; however, how true is this? Is antibacterial soap better than regular soap? What soap is better for everyday family use? The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doubted anti-bacterial soap manufacturers claims, so in 2013 they asked them to back their claims […]

Baby Walkers Injure and Kill Kids

Did you know that the sale, advertisement and import of baby walkers was banned in Canada in 2004? Or that the American Academy of Pediatrics called for the total ban and recall of baby walkers in 1995 and 2001 (although the recommendation was ignored)? Or how about the fact that the Medical Journal of Australia  […]

Kuala Lumpur PM2.5 Air Quality Index

As parents working at The Safety Educator we have been shocked and heart broken over the devastating man made fires ravaging Indonesia over the last six weeks. Not only are the fires destroying pristine rain forest for palm oil plantations they are causing air pollution (also called haze, smog, etc) in the ASEAN region (October […]

20 Tips for Living with Air Pollution

Air pollution from the annual agricultural fires in Indonesia has been affecting the health of hundred’s of thousands of people across the ASEAN region since September. The fires are now raging out of control and have been exacerbated by the effects of the El Nino weather phenomenon as a prolonged dry season in Indonesia has […]

Child Safety on the Internet

We have had quiet a few questions on safe internet use for children recently, so thought we should do some research and develop a fact-sheet on tips for ensuring your child is safe on the internet. The internet is an amazing resource for children and should not be banned due to the potential for unsafe […]

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